Germany and its Wonderful Features

The Federal Republic of Germany as it is formally known is a highly industrialized nation consisting of 16 states and located in Central Europe. Germany is very unique for its extensive history and wonderful culture. It is one of the largest countries in Europe and was unified as a nation in 1871. The unification of the country marked a new era as it brought about lots of industrial developments and growth economic-wise. The event surrounding the World War I led to the economic and political chaos in Germany which consequently resulted in its division. However, the country was reunited in 1989 which brought peace and economic growth. Continue reading


Explore the Most Vibrant Cities of Germany

Had it been long that you have not planned for any trip? Well, it is now time for you to plan for a happening trip to Germany. With so many vibrant cities to explore, Germany has a lot for you to enjoy with your folks. However, if time is your concern then you must plan your trip by air and cab in and around the city. You can explore the cities after landing at the Koeln airport or Cologne which are the most vibrant cities in Germany. Continue reading

Important Tips to Enjoy Your Tour to Germany

Have you decided on your tourist destination for this holiday? Perhaps you might have chosen the wrong place. On consideration of the beauties of various cities of Germany, it will become quite obvious to you that the Scandinavian country is the right place to visit. Germany has attracted lots of tourists since its unifications. This is because of its extensive features and resources. Continue reading

Feature and Fancies of Germany

Since its reunification, Germany has increasingly attracted lots of tourists who come to explore its rich features, sceneries, culture, institutions, technologies, cuisines and so forth. Germany is a peaceful nation and has lots of ancient institutions. Some cities in this Scandinavian country are renowned and more visited than others. Examples include Dresden, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Hannover and so forth. Continue reading

An Exciting Tour to Germany

Germany is a very wonderful country to choose as tourist destination. Since its unification, it has been attracting lots of tourists who come to explore its natural wonders. The country is characterized by lots of natural resources and beautiful sceneries. Although all cities of Germany are not visited equally, some cities like Dresden, Berlin, Cologne and so forth attract lots of visitors. Continue reading

Top Ten Must-See Sites in Germany

As a travel destination, Germany has gained a higher profile as a travel destination. Many of Germany’s major cities got rich and proud histories. But it talk about tourist attractions in Germany, then they are not only limited to these cities. Germany is full of great attractions which can be found in any part of the country.


1- Rugen Cliffs:- The Rugen Cliffs are located in the Jasmund National Park towards the Northeast direction of Rugen Island. The 118 meter high king’s chair is the most majestic part of cliffs. The untouched forests behind cliffs also are the part of this National Park. Continue reading


Tips on Enjoying the Beauty of Cologne

Cologne in Germany is the fourth largest city in Germany and a very wonderful place to be. It is very famous for its cultural features. There are many historic features in this part of Germany. It is also famous as a center for trade and science in Central Europe. Cologne has very large and famous academic institutions such as the University of Cologne. Lots of arts and entertainments also take place in this German city. It is a very lively city, full of wonderful amenities and thus people visit it from different parts of the world. Continue reading